Free at last!

Carrying baby on the back using a loincloth is a very common thing in Africa. It is part of our culture. how many pictures, movies or documentary show mothers in Africa walking down the street or Mothers walk down the street and do all their chores with baby on their backs. I’ve learned the trick when I was still a little girl playing with dolls, then mastered it with my nephew, my best friend’s baby and my own few years later.

Matter of fact, I back carried all 3 of my boys and it made my life so much easier. I remember when my oldest boy was 17 months old we were travelling back to the us from a trip back home. After long hours of layover in Casablanca, we both were exhausted and I could not hold his hand while pushing my carry on. Without hesitation, I pulled out my favorite loincloth (it was actually the 1st time I used it outside the home. Less than 3 minutes later, he was on my back and before I realized he was fast asleep. An older lady approached me; apparently, she had been watching us for a little and she was simply amazed at the picture. She wanted to know how I was able to hold him in such a way without him falling. (truth be told, I couldn’t explain. Back carrying had become so natural for me (let me tell you that not all Africans know how to, shocking, right?)  I personally find it simple and convenient. You are totally free to do so much around the house .and baby is just happy to follow you everywhere you go without a sweat.

I understand that not everybody will feel comfortable back carrying despite its numerous benefits. And that’s why Fairyma offers the baby sling as a great alternative.

It’s very practical, easy and quick to install and remove. It must, however, be well adjusted to be comfortable, in particular because of the asymmetry. Simply adjust by pulling or releasing the tail through the rings. The tail gives a very elegant look and, moreover, it can be used as a blanket to protect baby from wind, rain, sun or to breastfeed with discretion!

When you carry your baby, you convey a feeling of well-being, safety, warmth that no cradle or stroller can bring. It is a unique experience that allows him to discover the world in your arms. It helps him feel safe and reassured.

How many times have you witnessed a baby in his stroller crying his lungs out and his parents had to take him out and carry him while pushing the stroller around with that one hand? Well, with the sling you will not hear baby cry because she knows you are right there, she perceives your breathing and the sound of your voice and it’s all calming. Plus, don’t you enjoy walking around both hands free? Leave that stroller in the car, enjoy a walk in the park or around the neighborhood with your original Fairyma African Baby sling.