African Baby Quilt: Traditional Elegance

The traditional Baoule woven loincloths are one of the most beautiful loincloths of Africa and the designs are very well made. I may be biased (because it’s my people) but I have a strong appreciation for the variety of patterns and colors and especially the techniques used to make these fabrics.

Of course, industrial printed clothes invade the textile market, but these artisan clothes are still present in all the traditional ceremonies in Cote d’Ivoire (weddings, authorities’ inauguration or any other event)

In Baoule culture, this fabric has a great significance and the weavers hold the secret attached to each style. The ones we use the most are the classic ones with cotton patterns but you will find some made of panther-skin called “golikpolo”, although very rare. For a shinier look, others will prefer the ones made with silk thread.

Fairyma “Traditional Elegance” Quilt collection feature the classic handwoven Baoule loincloths from Adjibri, a village few miles away from Tiebissou, Cote d’Ivoire.  They are first woven in narrow strips, then all strips are assembled in one large piece of fabric to form a loincloth (pagne).

Traditional weaving requires great mastery resulting from years of practice. By the way, I had to insert my brother-in-law in this because he tried for a minute and realized that it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s not just beautiful pieces of strip cloth assembled together but it is the story of my people; It represents the long hours of work, the love, the passion and the commitment to preserve this cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation.