A happy mother is a better mother

“Nobody knows of the work it makes

To keep the home together.

Nobody knows of the steps it takes,

Nobody knows-but Mother.” unknown 

You get up when everyone is sleeping
You care when everyone is hurting,
You eat after everyone is fed
You sleep after everyone is in bed
Mother, shout out to you!
Shout out to you for all the sleepless nights,
For all the pain and hurt you endure
Bringing life into this world
Yet, you don’t often get the recognition.


Mother, you are a person before being a mom
You have needs, desires, wants, dreams and aspirations
Don’t stop living because you have a child,
Enjoy life more as soon as you have a child
Pamper yourself, find ways to make yourself happy.
A happy mother is a better mother!


Not a country!

Precious Baby,

I say Africa, you hear ‘Safari, jungle, poverty, famine’. I wear African Fabrics such as Wax, Kente or Dashiki, you see ‘fashion, beauty, colors, rich and unique’.

I have been outraged when people call Africa a country in spite of the 50+ countries and the thousands languages that exist in this large continent.images.png

Then I realized that it’s not by ignorance, it’s not by disdain that they call Africa “one big country”. It’s in fact due to the brotherly love, that feeling you feel when you meet anybody from Africa. Whether they’re from the West, East, South, or Central Africa. The sense of compassion, the friendliness, the selflessness that are symbolic to us is indescribable. It’s hard to understand how people not of the same countries, not speaking the same language, having great culinary, artistic and cultural differences, can not only call each other brothers and sisters but also feel it in their hearts.

Yes, that’s Africa, the continent, yet with a country feeling that captivates you and makes you feel like you belong. The continent that speaks music to your soul, the soul that draws people, the people that have laughter in their hearts, their hearts full of stories: the stories of Africa.

Yes, these stories are told through various means but the one I cherished the most is the prints that we all have come to love and to showcase everywhere in the world. The same “wax, dashiki, kente” fabrics that Fairyma is bringing to you, Precious Baby. With its unique colors and texture, your world will be transformed just like a fairy tale. Now you imagine glitter, you see colors, you feel love, you feel unique. That’s Fairyma, that’s Africa. Welcome!