One step closer



Tomorrow = 1 year anniversary of Fairyma. In the eyes of many, 1 is such an insignificant number; however, throughout this year I have learned so much about myself. Being able to balance life as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, business owner…you never know how much you can do unless you take the first step.

Let me say this, when you have an idea or a vision, you will also have more than one compelling reason why you shouldn’t do it (not the right time, not enough money, too much responsibility, and so forth and so on…).What you need to do is Pray.

Ask God for directions, for strength and perseverance. Once you are confident that He’s holding your hands just jump; don’t look back, don’t look sideways just jump because if you wait 1 second too long your dream will die before it even sees daylight.

Don’t assume it will be easy because God is in it. Be ready to face obstacles, challenges. You might even be confronted to your worst fears but keep holding on. It’s all part of the journey. Be grateful for the people you meet along the way and the one who leave you as well as they have accomplished their mission.



Shea butter: A Raw Treasure

Why dimageso such joyful moments like pregnancy must be ruined by this?

Many women or most I should say dread to see their bodies post pregnancy. It’s hard enough going through all the physical, emotional and hormonal changes: weight gain, fatigue, pimples or acne, mood change, and so much more… then you get all excited when you can feel baby kick and turn and you can’t help but staring at those 4D, color ultrasound pics and the one thing you did not see coming: those small, depressed streaks on your belly, chest, thighs…yep, stretchmarks! they keep getting bigger and bigger and they itch.

First thing, never scratch your belly even if it’s super itchy, you will make things worse plus you don’t want to scratch baby’s head too hard, do you? 🙂

Growing up in Africa, I’ve always used it as a skin moisturizer: SHEA BUTTER. It’s a natural product from a tree growing in the savanna trees of West Africa and whose name means “life” in the Mandingo language. It sure gives life to your body, hair…

Rich in vitamins A, D, E, F, Shea butter has many restorative properties. It soothes, protects, nourishes and softens the skin, which helps keep it young and healthy. It combats wrinkles, dryness. It is used to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and strengthen the elasticity of the skin and is considered as one of the most natural treatments to relieve those pregnancy’ stretch marks. Indeed, many scientific studies have shown that Shea butter can do wonders for the elasticity of the skin.

For my first pregnancy, I would massage my tummy every morning and every night with a fair amount of Shea butter. As a matter of fact, I used to apply Shea butter on my stomach years before I even got pregnant. No lies, I was terrified of seeing the marks on my tummy. Let me warn you, the smell is very strong and not so pleasant but it’s manageable. You can always spray body mist all over if you wish but it’s So worth it.

Did I tell you that Shea butter does wonders? Yes, and I will say it over and over again because it does. After 3 babies, not a single mark on my tummy. You don’t have to stop there.  Even after your pregnancy, you can continue using Shea butter to help moisturize your skin and help these melted stretch marks disappear.
Simply take a hazelnut and massage the area to be treated by circular movements. Do it once in the morning and once in the evening. Nothing will make them disappear completely, but the cream of Shea butter will considerably attenuate them, reduce them in size. This will make them virtually invisible and give you greater confidence.

Shea butter is not just for adults, you can also use it for baby’s delicate skin to prevent and heal irritations. Coating the baby’s body with Shea butter also helps to soothe the pain that it might feel in case of eczema or insect bites. It constitutes a barrier between the layer and the skin of baby. It relieves and protects against redness and helps to avoid diaper rashes or to soothe them when they are already present.

Make sure to use the “unrefined” Shea butter as the “refined Shea butter” is treated with chemicals that may leave residues. Unrefined Shea butter has a deeper yellowish color.


Among all the treasures one may find in Africa, Shea butter is certainly one with its countless virtues.

Shea Tree

African Baby Quilt: Traditional Elegance

The traditional Baoule woven loincloths are one of the most beautiful loincloths of Africa and the designs are very well made. I may be biased (because it’s my people) but I have a strong appreciation for the variety of patterns and colors and especially the techniques used to make these fabrics.

Of course, industrial printed clothes invade the textile market, but these artisan clothes are still present in all the traditional ceremonies in Cote d’Ivoire (weddings, authorities’ inauguration or any other event)

In Baoule culture, this fabric has a great significance and the weavers hold the secret attached to each style. The ones we use the most are the classic ones with cotton patterns but you will find some made of panther-skin called “golikpolo”, although very rare. For a shinier look, others will prefer the ones made with silk thread.

Fairyma “Traditional Elegance” Quilt collection feature the classic handwoven Baoule loincloths from Adjibri, a village few miles away from Tiebissou, Cote d’Ivoire.  They are first woven in narrow strips, then all strips are assembled in one large piece of fabric to form a loincloth (pagne).

Traditional weaving requires great mastery resulting from years of practice. By the way, I had to insert my brother-in-law in this because he tried for a minute and realized that it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s not just beautiful pieces of strip cloth assembled together but it is the story of my people; It represents the long hours of work, the love, the passion and the commitment to preserve this cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation.